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Force-free is an intelligent and caring philosophy, that underpins every one of our daycare and grooming services.

We focus on the physical, mental, environmental, and emotional well being of every dog.

Our expert staff are trained to ensure every dog’s experience is happy, healthy and stimulating.



For dogs of all ages, sizes and breed

Puppy Academy

A socialisation program for puppies 


Force Free grooming that dogs love


Celebrate at the Doghouse


Our Leadership 101 Course can change lives


Treats, toys and accessories that your dog will love

Comfort Zone

A special area for dogs who need extra TLC

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Coronavirus COVID-19 

As social distancing is constantly reinforced, Doghouse Daycare are going to the next level. You will now have the option of waiting in your car outside Doghouse Daycare until a member comes outside to collect at drop-off or hand over at pick up. Just notify us with a phonecall once you are in the carpark or nearby.

  • Pay for your daycare services over the phone beforehand (Daycare Pass exempt)
  • Call Doghouse Daycare when you are close by or in the carpark for both pick up and drop off

To learn more about how Doghouse Daycare are managing Covid-19 please click here or contact us

08 8293 6791


We have the best job in the world and we have as much fun as our fluffy friends…


We are proud to be a member of the Pet Professional Guild , the association for force free pet professionals.

The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) also recommends the use of positive reinforcement methods for dogs as the preferred method of training. Therefore Doghouse Daycare promotes the use of positive reinforcement training by rewarding the behaviour we prefer to see.


Home from home

Dogs and puppies that attend a force-free daycare regularly, can build stronger and more loving relationships with the people they are close to.


“Love between dogs and people is a mystery. Dogs never blame us for being grumpy or careless and their love is unconditional”.


Play excites and enriches whilst exercising body and mind, increasing your dog’s trust in us. When dogs and people play together they stay together.


Dogs learn life differently to humans. At DHDC, we are qualified with skills that stimulate your dogs development which benefits time at home and in public.