Over the years, Thornit has become a legendary at home treatment for common canine ear conditions. The Doghouse has sent hundreds of bottles to pet owners around the world and we love hearing the positive reviews and feedback.

In the past we have referred to it as a miracle powder, and there is good reason why.

So, what’s the fuss about? What is Thornit and what is it used for? 

THORNIT is a product that is easy and safe to use in dissolving ear wax and treating mites, all over the body. During Summer months in particular, wax can build up due to the heat and water play which create the perfect environment for ear mites. These common and relatively mild parasite, can cause an infection that may cause discomfort if left untreated. Ear mites (or ‘Otodectes cynotis mites’) can multiply if long ear hair limits ventilation. This hair can be both inside the ear and on the ear flap itself.

Signs of ear mite infection

Some of the early signs of ear mites may include the following symptoms:

  • Scratching of ears, head or neck or even paws
  • Holding their head to one side
  • Frequent shaking of their head
  • Thick red-brown or black crusts in the outer ear
  • Coffee ground like bumps in the ear canal
  • Abrasions and scratches on the back side of the ears
  • Crusting and scale on the neck, rump and tail

How Does THORNIT help?

THORNIT acts by dissolving ear wax, destroying the conditions that ear mites need to thrive.

As ear wax dissolves, the ear mites die.

Your dog should experience relief after the first use, but you should continue treatment for up to 5 days, using the powder twice a day.

As THORNIT does not contain antibiotics, it is safe to apply at home and can be used in your weekly health routine to keep ear wax at bay.

How to use THORNIT

THORNIT is a powder that you simply apply to the outer ear (avoiding the entrance of the ear canal) and massage from the outside. To treat mites on other parts of the body, simply shake powder onto the affected area. Your dog will experience relief after the first dose, but you should continue treatment for up to 5 days, using the powder twice a day.

The Doghouse stocks the 20gm (for $35) and 50gm (for $80) bottles of THORNIT and we can ship worldwide. Shipping is $14 within Australia, but we can ship overseas as well!

Looking for more information or want to order a bottle? Simply contact the Doghouse team via email on dogsplay@doghousedaycare.com.au or call us on (08) 8293 6791.

From Marcelle, a satisfied client: “Well I have had the Thornit powder for a week and wow I cant believe how fast it has worked on my big boys ears they are clearing up already after just a few days. Thank you so much.”