Doghouse Daycare are proud to be a member of the Pet Professional Guild Australia. “The What Guild?” you ask. Well, let us tell you….


Introducing the PPGA

Known as PPGA, the Pet Professional Guild Australia is a group of industry professionals who are committed to force-free training and pet care. Their slogan is “No Pain, No Force, No Fear” and they believe that pets have an intrinsic right to be treated humanely, free from force, pain and fear.

At the core of the organisation is the belief that effective and consistent training and care procedures can help prevent behaviour problems. All members use non-aversive training techniques and pet care equipment. The PPGA also provide consistent, scientific and industry leading resources for members to stay abreast of current techniques, issues and standards.

Why is such an organisation important?

South Australia boasts one of the highest pet ownership in Australia* and pet care and training is a growth industry^. This growth means there is an influx of trainers and even ‘dog whisperers’. Unfortunately, there are lots of trainers who utilise forceful techniques, designed to change behaviour by inflicting pain and shock. This can range from shouting “No”, using sedatives as well as shock collars, choke chains and prong collars.

The PPGA members, including Doghouse Daycare are strictly against these techniques. 

How are the PPGA techniques used at Doghouse Daycare?

Positive reinforcement is about rewarding the animal for doing the right thing using what motivates a dog. At Doghouse Daycare, we utilise positive training techniques, including food and toy incentives and of course cuddle/personal attention rewards!

We know that dogs are cognitive, intelligent creatures that experience emotions such as fear, anxiety, and joy. At Doghouse Daycare, we are dedicated to caring for your dog in a force-free environment, be it in our grooming salon or in our daycare facilities, to build your dog’s confidence and ensure they enjoy safe socialisation with trained carers’ and other dogs.

If you want more information on our force-free philosophy, or our membership with the PPGA, please speak to one of our staff.