Christmas decorations are going up, carols are playing in the shopping centres and you have already started on your long list of presents for friends and family. Yes, the Christmas season is upon us. Christmas is always a fun time of year, but don’t forget your dog when planning your Christmas activities this year.

We have some tips to spread the Christmas cheer with your dog in a safe way: 

  1. Christmas Dog Treats

Make sure your dog only eats healthy canine treats over the holiday season. Chocolate and candy are toxic to dogs, so make sure human treats are kept well away from prying snouts. Wrappers can also be dangerous as they can be caught in a dog’s intestines, so make sure none are left on the ground. We have a great selection of healthy dog treats at the Doghouse- just ask our reception staff for details.

  1. Santa’s Helper

On Christmas Day, let your dog help with the gift exchange. This will require some planning and training beforehand, but it will be worth it to include your dog in this tradition. Make sure your dog knows not to touch presents, but let them be a part of the fun by asking them to sit next to a family member before you hand a present over. Reward your dog with treats and encouragement when they correctly find the family member and sit when asked.

During the chaos of unwrapping gifts, be sure to keep wrapping paper away from dogs as rougue or hidden sticky tape, string, ribbon and glue can be toxic to dogs.

  1. Play time

It is our job to make sure our dogs have the opportunity to expel their physical and mental energies each day. Before your Christmas guests arrive, be sure to spend time practicing training techniques to mentally tire your dog, and play fetch (or their favourite game) to exercise your dog physically. This way they will be calmer when meeting your guests.

  1. Christmas stocking fillers

When you hang stockings above the mantel, don’t forget your precious pooch. Fill your dog’s stocking with small treats and toys.  They don’t need to be big things, and remember to introduce the gifts to your dog over time so you get the most time out of each gift! We have a great selection of dog toys at the Doghouse- just ask our reception for details.

  1. Rest Time

Whilst your fur baby may love greeting visitors and being involved in the festivities, the constant hustle and bustle can be overwhelming for some dogs. Make sure they have a quite place of their own to rest with clean water and a few comfort toys or bedding for uninterrupted rest time. 

Enjoy Christmas with your dog this year! From the team at Doghouse Daycare and Grooming, we wish your holiday season is safe and happy!