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At Doghouse Daycare and Grooming, we believe that socialisation with other dogs is a key part of canine life. Whilst our supervised play areas are the perfect space for most dogs, we know that some dogs need a little more TLC as they discover the wonderful world of doggy daycare!

And that’s why we have created the Comfort Zone. For some dogs, the Comfort Zone is part of their transition (or graduation) to the main play areas, whilst for others it offers a calmer play space.

What is the Comfort Zone?

We have a dedicated space away from the main play areas that has all the comforts of home; extra beds, specialised toys and carers to play, cuddle or simply provide comfort.

Your dog’s progress will be closely monitored and we will feedback on progressions and suggestion to help your dog become a confident and positive member of the community.

Who can visit the Comfort Zone?

Puppies, who are learning to socialise every minute of every day!

  • Socialisation refers to the safe introduction of your puppy to other dogs, animals, people, places and objects.
  • The experiences you expose your pup to, including sounds, objects and environments, will teach them how to behave and respond in different situations.
  • Daycare can greatly aid in this process, as we can encourage your puppy to interact with new friends in a safe and controlled environment.
  • At Doghouse Daycare, our philosophy is based on placing dogs based on their temperament, energy levels and not just size, to ensure their interactions are positive and safe. Also, we have carers with the dogs at all times to provide boundaries for safe canine play.
  • Read more about our philosophy of puppy socialisation here

Senior dogs

  • We know that as a dog ages, the energetic activity in the play areas may become overwhelming. Despite this, senior dogs do need and enjoy socialisation, but sometimes require a slower pace with smaller numbers of dogs. The Comfort Zone offers this more peaceful zone away from the active play area.
  • Senior dogs can spend a part or the whole day in the Comfort Zone, playing with a smaller group of dogs, because after all, an older dog deserves a long midday nap, right?

Timid/shy dogs

  • Timidness or shyness can become apparent as a dog matures, and there are many factors that could cause shy behaviour.
  • Our trained staff spend time understanding your dog’s history and your preferences before preparing a plan to develop your dog’s socialisation skills.
  • The Comfort Zone will be used as an introductory play area, where your dog can meet a small number of other dogs all under the watchful eyes of our staff.
  • Our team will slowly introduce your dog to other four-legged friends, and will work with you to help develop your dog’s social skills outside of the daycare environment.

Dogs recovering from illness:

  • We are also able to care for some dog’s who are recovering from injury or medical treatment, to give you peace of mind that your pooch is being cared for in a tender and calm environment.

How much does it cost?

NOTHING EXTRA! The Comfort Zone is available for dogs who suit the criteria above.

For puppies up to the age of 6 months, we offer 20% off the daycare prices, as listed on our pricelist.
Visit our daycare pricelist page for a full list of our packages and rates, including our activity packages and multiple dog discounts.

As we want to ensure the area remains a calm and comfortable space, spots in the zone are limited, so let us know when you book if you think your dog would benefit from the Comfort Zone.

What do you need to do?

NOTHING! We’ve made it easy for your dog to get the most from their daycare experience.

Speak to our staff and brief them on your dog’s requirements, we will give your dog the love, care and attention they need throughout the day.

To enquire about the Comfort Zone, simply click here and contact us today!


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