Daycare FAQs

We know that bringing your dog to daycare is a significant step.  It’s a big leap of faith. You will have lots of questions and you need to know you are doing the right thing. However, daycare in a force-free environment can build confidence and help a dog cope with life’s twists and turns. Time and time again we have watched as puppies and nervous dogs become calm, contented, adults.

Will my dog be cared for properly at Doghouse Daycare?

Doghouse Daycare is climate controlled and is proud to be a member of the Pet Professional Guild. This means we use force-free management techniques that ensure a gentle, fair and firm approach with our dogs.

Our team has significant industry qualifications and wide experience caring for dogs. They know each dog individually and focus on the physical, mental, environmental and emotional well being of every dog in our facility.

Our method of training is based on positive reinforcement methods as recommended and preferred by The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA). People frequently reward negative behaviour in their dogs without even realising it. For example, we discourage the use of choker chains.

What sort of collar or harness does my dog need to wear at daycare?

For safety reasons and as part of our force-free ethos we request that your dog does not wear a check- chain or martingale collar to daycare. The martingale collar is a training tool to be used in clear open spaces and can easily become caught in a daycare environment. Due to their design they tighten when pulled and they pose a risk to the dog’s safety if they get caught on an object or another dog. For this reason we also request that collars and harnesses are securely fitted to all dogs (ie an adult should not be able to fit more than two fingers beneath the strap).

If your dog is ultra-sized or ultra- energetic we might ask you to bring them in a harness to assist our staff with moving them safely about the centre. We do remove any training harnesses, such as front attaching walkers, before sending your dog to play as this can confuse your canine and undo any training (our staff can let you know if your harness is play friendly). Lastly to ensure safety from drop-off to pick up we request that all dogs enter and exit the centre on lead.

Will my dog be safe and happy?

Yes, yes and yes.

Play time

We make certain our new dogs are suited to daycare and get on well with other dogs. Taking time with introductions is the key to our success and we assess energy levels and personality before encouraging your dog to find suitable playmates. We check our dogs are desexed (unless they are puppies under 6 months old). Each playgroup is supervised at all times and the group is always based on energy levels and not size. This helps your dog to become adaptable with other breeds no matter where they are. We give our dogs every opportunity to play fair, have fun and show good manners


To ensure the our dogs are kept healthy, we maintain a strict hygiene policy which starts in the early hours of the morning and finishes at night. In addition, our own policy insists that all dogs are regularly checked for up-to-date immunisations.

Can I visit the Doghouse before enrolling?

We encourage you to check us out first and have a look at our play areas from our observation window. We know your dog is a cherished member of your family and it’s important you feel comfortable at Doghouse Daycare. The best time to visit is between 11am-230pm so that we can spend time to answer any questions that you might have without the interruptions of dog drop off/pick up.

Will you feed my dog?

We reward dogs for fair play and good manners but in most circumstances we don’t offer food. It may interfere with your feeding routine and could lead to guarding behaviour. However, we will feed dogs in exceptional circumstances and puppies under 6 months with food provided by you.

What happens when dogs go to the toilet at the Doghouse?

We remove it immediately. It is vital the centre is clean and fresh for the health of our dogs and our people. Most dogs eliminate within 20 minutes of arrival and often when they meet new dogs.  Our mops and disinfectant are always within reach.

Will daycare change my dog’s toilet habits at home?

No. Dogs become conditioned to each environment and your dog will behave normally at home.

What happens if a dog becomes aggressive?

Our team is trained to spot signs of disruption and step in immediately. This is different from play fighting. Dogs enjoy this and it helps build confidence.

If necessary we can separate dogs from the playgroup for a short time. This helps redirect their focus. If a problem cannot be resolved the dog will not be invited in future.

What happens if my dog is sick or becomes injured?

If your dog has diarrhoea while at the Doghouse we are likely to ask you to collect your dog after two loose eliminations. If your dog already has diarrhoea before you attend we ask you to cancel your daycare appointment that day.

We supervise our playgroups closely but there is still a small chance that the unexpected may happen. There is always a team member who is trained in first aid. If necessary we will take your dog to our associated veterinary practice nearby however, we will call you or your emergency contact first.

Can my dog go outside?

No, our facility is air conditioned and spacious enough to satisfy any dog’s energy needs.  Our activities will give your dog plenty to do and they will have relaxation time too. It means walking outside with you continues to be a special time for your dog.

Can I bring along a favourite toy or my dog’s bed?

In general we ask that you leave these items at home.  However if you believe your dog will benefit from bringing certain items please discuss it with our staff.

Can I find out how my dog is doing during the day?

Call us anytime. We would not encourage you to visit though because it can be confusing for your dog if you leave without taking your dog with you. Alternatively you can email us for an update. Sometimes we’ll be able to send you a picture too!

What benefits can I expect?

We believe our care benefits dogs and owners in many ways. Take a minute and read what we’re passionate about.

Can't find your question?

Simply contact us and have a chat with one of our experienced and friendly team members.