Leadership 101 – How to be the leader your dog needs you to be.

A 4-week course presented by The Dog Workshop exclusive to Doghouse clients

WE LOVE OUR DOGS. We love the idea of dogs, and the unconditional love they give us. They are “Man’s Best Friend” and we can’t wait to have that special relationship with them, to have that loyal and obedient dog that we can take anywhere.

Sometimes we need a little help
But somewhere along the journey things seem to go awry and we find ourselves at odds with our dogs and unable to work out what went wrong. Our once doting young puppy stopped listening to us and grew up to take over the house, turned walks into a nightmare and became a nervous wreck. The rescue we adopted and showered with love never really settled down to become part of the family in the way we had hoped and still has many of the behavioural issues it came with. Sound familiar?

The truth is; dogs don’t come pre-programmed to fit into our human world. They can’t understand the way we humans look at the world. They can only see the world how a dog would see it.

How to build a successful relationship
Living in harmony with our dogs comes from building successful relationships. We have to put in the work to see the world through their eyes. The behaviours we want from our dogs don’t necessarily come naturally to them and most behavioural issues arise from miscommunication with our dogs. Whether it’s jumping up, nipping or biting, pulling on the lead, lead reactivity, excessive barking, separation anxiety, or just not listening, in order to address these issues we first have to take a look at our foundation relationship.

In this course, offered exclusively to Doghouse clients, find out what’s really going on, how much your own behaviour affects your dog’s confidence and happiness, and how to be the leader your dog needs you to be. Learn how dogs communicate and lay the foundations for a better relationship based on trust and respect, improved engagement, good manners and social harmony at home as well as out and about.

The 4 week course is designed to:

  • Improve your understanding of dogs and their behaviours
  • Better manage your interactions with your dog
  • Develop mutual trust and respect between you and your dog
  • Bring calm to your household
  • Introduce controlled walking and public etiquette

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The difference in Bella’s behaviours & indeed my ability to manage & lead Bella has enriched our life together. I wish I had the understanding that I gained through this program earlier and that I had completed this course before embarking on obedience training. Would highly recommend Leadership 101 to all doggie parents for dogs of any age – it was enjoyable, easy to implement & has made such a difference every day.


I cannot recommend Doghouse highly enough…I was so nervous after our previous experience at another daycare, but Doghouse understood Benji and all the staff are so loving! We undertook the leadership course there and it was fantastic! All the staff are amazing and take the time to talk to you, the course was great, the toys sold there are great (Benji loves to chew), the grooming is great, and they have a Snapchat account so you can keep up with all the doggies playtime!


We start week one with a theory session (owners only – no dogs) and then bring the dogs in for weeks 2 to 4 to work together on practical skills in walking, manners, street etiquette, and meeting and greeting other dogs. Class sizes are small with only four dogs per class.

It is important to attend all four sessions in order as each session builds on the previous in a layered approach for the best learning outcomes for you and your dog. If you miss a session, unfortunately we will not be able to fit you in to another class. Each course has a fixed number of participants, which allows maximum learning benefit in consideration of owners and their dogs.

Be warned: there is homework! (there are no quick fixes and you will only get out of the course what you put into it).

  • When: Tuesday nights 6.30pm to 8.00pm (Week 1, 6.30 – 8.30pm)
  • Where: Doghouse Daycare, 10 ETON ROAD, Keswick, 5035
  • Cost: $260 per dog (up to 2 people per dog)

Bookings essential: Call the Doghouse on 8293 6791 to reserve your place.

Just wanted to thank you for the Leadership 101 course. It was excellent. Zeeva is great at home and remains a work in progress when we step out the front door. We will get there and continue to train every day.


Rosie is much more enjoyable to walk now, and people have commented on her better behaviour and calmness. She is a very stubborn dog but she also learns quickly and enjoys training so I am really enjoying the process. The course has been just what I needed.

Mack was such a nightmare we’d stopped walking him. Every time I left the house he piddled inside. It was really hard to change my behaviour but it’s made such a difference to his confidence and happiness. We now love walking him (off lead) and I don’t remember the last time he piddled inside. It’ll be 12 months in Oct since we did the course and it’s like we own a different dog



I just wanted to say thank you for your fabulous course.  It has really helped and Bella is barking less at the front window and walking better on her lead. We will certainly keep practicing. Thank you again it certainly is a very helpful course. 



About The Dog Workshop

About the trainer: Jacqui Triggs
Jacqui Triggs is the founder of The Dog Workshop. Adopting Archie, with his “unique” personality, at the same time as making a major decision to change careers, led Jacqui into the world of dog behaviour where she has been working since early 2014. She is passionate about helping owners to better understand and communicate with their dogs in order to build better relationships and bring harmony to their homes. Jacqui is accredited through the National Dog Trainers Federation and is a professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP).

The career she left behind consisted of more than 20 years working in the public sector, where she developed a broad range of skills in leadership, communication, reporting and accountability, policy evaluation and development, community engagement, and event management, all of which she has found to be invaluable working in the companion animal industry.