Often our groomers are asked, why DON’T you pluck ears?

Many dog breeds naturally grow large amounts of hair inside their ears. Ear ‘plucking’ is the process of using hands or special tools to pull this hair out, with the goal of opening up the ear canal. At the Doghouse, we do not perform ear plucking, routinely or upon request, for very important reasons.

Inflammation of the canine ear canal, ‘otitis externa’, is a common and often recurrent problem in dogs. There are many factors that can directly induce inflammation, increase the likelihood of infection, and perpetuate inflammatory conditions in the ear. These factors include hypersensitivity, allergies, parasites, foreign bodies, immune disease and trauma. Ear hair is often benign, but plucking directly causes micro-trauma and inflammation in the sensitive ear canal. If plucking is required in your dog based on their ear condition, this should be performed by a licensed veterinarian who can diagnose the underlying cause of ongoing issues, treat infections and manage the risks associated with therapeutic plucking.

If your dog is showing any signs of ear infection including head shaking or scratching, redness, swelling, excessive discharge and/or an unpleasant odour, please seek advice from a veterinary professional.

Otherwise, we look forward to seeing your dog for their regular pamper and play!