Why Dogs love our Award-winning grooms

Reduce the stress

We understand that grooming can be stressful. That’s why we’re committed to alleviating that anxiety through our force-free approach and playtime breaks with free daycare*.

So reducing stress whilst grooming to specific needs makes us different. Why not read our benefits below and explore our gallery of grooms:

Have a break

Our spacious daycare facilities allow us to give your dog breaks in the play area, between baths, clips and finishing grooms.

Feel free

Any waiting time is enjoyed in our playtime facility not a cage. This approach encourages your dog to embrace their next groom.

Free 8 hours Daycare*

*Your dog will enjoy serious playtime when a Full Wash and Works groom is booked. Drop off at anytime from 7 and pick up on your way home. It’s easy.

What is a ‘Puppy Cut’?

A puppy cut is a term for a trim that leaves your dog with an even coat, usually around 2cm to 5cm in length. This cut makes brushing and upkeep quick and easy.

It is also the perfect cut for a puppy’s first trip to a groomer, as the cute style allows an inquisitive puppy to meet a grooming tools, nail clippers and a hair dryer. Check out Teddy’s puppy cut below and ask about it at reception.


Have you heard of hand stripping?

All dogs need to be groomed for their coats to remain in tiptop shape and for their comfort and well-being. The technique we use to groom a dog depends on the type of coat a dog has, and in some instances, a groom using clippers or scissors is not always required. Dogs with wiry coats, such as Irish Terriers, Border Terriers and Wire Fox Terriers for example, can benefit from a grooming method which is ‘hand stripping’. Basil (pictured) is a Wire Fox Terrier who is hand stripped to keep his coat course, shiny and healthy. To read more about hand stripping, click here.

If Zali is a good girl, but no one tells her she is a good girl, does it really count? 😜#thatsdeep #doglove #goodgirl #TuesdayThoughts #dogfun ... See MoreSee Less
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When your bestie is at daycare on the same day, you know it is going to be awesome! Riggs and Buddy made the most of their playday and we loved every second of it. #magic #buddies #doglove #bff #besties ... See MoreSee Less
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When Alfie scored a sneaky kiss from Sia, the crowd went wild! #doglove #givethepeoplwhattheywant #doggydaycare #sneakykiss #smooch ... See MoreSee Less
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Questions about grooming?

If you have questions about grooming, have a read through our FAQs!

Questions about daycare?

If you have questions about daycare, have a read through our FAQs!

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