Grooming FAQs

Grooming is an essential part of care for your dog, so you need to feel confident that they are in safe and experienced hands. At Doghouse Daycare, we have a dedicated team of qualified and award winning groomers, who have experience with a range of breeds. See some of our frequently asked questions about grooming below, and contact us if your question cannot be found!

How will you keep my dog still for the groom?

Unlike other groomers, we are cage free and we are 100% against the sedation of dogs. Instead, we make the grooming experience as fun as possible for your dog, giving them breaks in the play area, between their bath, rough clip and finishing groom. This helps help alleviate high levels of stress, so the groom is a positive and fun experience.

Why should I groom my dog?

Keeping your dog’s coat in top condition is important to maintain quality of life.  Matts and tangles can work their way down to the skin which can then pull, causing irritation, scratching and soreness.

Will my dog be in experienced hands?

Yes.  As a member of the Pet Professional Guild, Doghouse Daycare only offers force-free daycare and grooming. With us your dog will be groomed with gentle and sensitive hands that take into account the special needs of breed, temperament and mood that day.

Do I need to make an appointment for my dog to be groomed?

A booking for a groom is essential. Our force free philiopshy means that we give dogs a chance to play between each stage of their groom. This also means that we need to manage our groomer’s time efficiently! We require a minimum of 48 hours notice to ensure that we can carry out your dog’s groom on your preferred day, and we will send you a SMS days before your groom is booked as a friendly reminder.

How much does it cost to groom my dog?

Dogs come in many different breeds, shapes and sizes, so the cost of grooming your dog will depend on a few factors.

  • size/breed of dog
  • Specific breed clip
  • condition of coat (how matted it is)
  • double coats (undercoat removal)
  • temperament (some dogs are wriggly and want to do cartwheels! And some dogs bite)
  • hand stripping
  • Flea shampoo is charged at $35 and compulsory if we find that your dog has fleas.

Please refer to our Grooming pricelist and speak to our staff about any special needs or requests.

Can my dog play after or before a groom?

Absolutely! We offer up to eight hours of FREE daycare with the full Wash and Works groom, so your furry friend can enjoy his grooming experience!

Can I be specific about the style of cut/groom I want for my dog?

Of course, in fact we welcome this information. Bring in photos or have a chat with our team when you book in the groom. If you are unsure of a style or looking for guidance, you can speak with one of our award-winning groomers so your pooch is returned to you looking gorgeous.

Can I see your work?

Check out our grooming gallery here.

What benefits can I expect?

We are confident that our grooming service will not let you down. Take a minute and read what we’re passionate about.

Can't find your question?

Simply contact us and have a chat with one of our experienced and friendly team members.