All dogs need to be groomed for their coats to remain in tiptop shape. The technique we use to groom a dog depends on the type of coat a dog has, and in some instances, a groom using clippers or scissors is not possible. Dogs with wiry coats, such as Irish Terriers, Border Terriers and Wire Fox Terriers for example, can benefit from a grooming method which is ‘hand stripping’.

Pictured here is Basil, a beautiful Wire Fox Terrier, who has a hand strip groom.

So what is ‘Hand Stripping’?

  • A traditional method of grooming.
  • It’s mostly done on dogs that are ‘working’ (and live on rural properties) or domestic ones that spend most of their time outside.
  • By not clipping the coat and ‘stripping’ out the excess hair and length from the body, the method retains the waterproof abilities and original course texture of the coat.

Is it done often?

  • Like most grooms, it is normally done every 4-6 weeks.
  • The first time a dog is groomed using this method, it may have to be done in two sessions depending on the condition ad lenth of the coat.

How is it done?

  • A technique that is done by hand with exception to faces and legs often clipped at owners request/preference.
  • It involves using hands to remove the long, wiry hair from the root, so a new coat is able to grow through. Clipping, on the other hand, only removes the top layer of the hair.
  • It is a specialized technique, and not all groomers offer this.

Will it hurt my dog?

No! If your dog’s hair is ready to be stripped, it will come out easily and it will not cause your dog pain.

Is it expensive?

At Doghouse Daycare and Grooming, we charge hand stripping by the hour. The length of time taken to fully groom a dog via the hand stripping method will depend on the dog’s size, condition of their coat, length of their hair and temperament in allowing us to groom.

The initial groom can take up to four hours though we don’t normally go any longer than two hours because we believe it’s too long for a dog to be standing, even with breaks that we include in a standard groom. If we need to pause the groom (if a dog isn’t comfortable for example) we will offer to complete it on another day.

For more information on hand stripping and our grooming options, please speak to us today.