Do you remember the emotions you felt when you first bought your puppy home? Excitement. Love. Joy.

Focussed on toilet training, teething and fluffy toys for your new pal, you probably didn’t think about your ‘puppy socilaisation plan’. But this is a key stage in your dog’s development, that requires understanding and planning.

What do we mean by ‘socialisation?

Socialisation refers to the safe introduction of your puppy to other dogs, animals, people, places and objects. The experiences you expose your dog to will teach them how to behave and respond in different situations.

Why socialise your puppy?

Like human behaviour, all canine behaviour is learned. And like humans, dog’s rely on their parents (human or canine) to introduce them to the wide world around them. If we don’t socialise our dog’s then they don’t know how to respond in each environment.

When to socialise your puppy?

The critical socialisation period is between 3- 14 weeks. However, it is important to remember that socialisation does not end at puppyhood. The first few months lay the foundations for good behaviour, but responsible owners encourage and reinforce social skills throughout a dog’s life.

A key step in the socialisation process is to ensure your dog interacts appropriately with other dogs and people on a regular basis. Consistency of exposure will ensure that good behaviour is reinforced.

How to socialise your dog

There are many ways to socialise your dog, from taking them to the dogpark, to friends’ houses to organised daycare.

A good socialisation plan will include exposing your dog to different people and dog breeds so your dog learns how to approach both human and fur friends. It is a well-known fact that older dogs are very effective at teaching younger dogs correct canine etiquette. This is one of the undeniable benefits of organised daycare as it provides a secure environment for dogs to interact with each other and exercise natural pack behaviour.

Safety first!

Introduce the pup to new people, places, objects and situations ONLY when you can control the experience. At Doghouse Daycare, our philosophy is based on placing dogs based on their temperament, and not just size, to ensure their interactions are positive and safe. Also, we have multiple carers with the dogs at all times to provide boundaries for safe canine play.

If you have any questions on how to socialise your dog, or want to know the other benefits of Doghouse Daycare’s force free philosophy, contact us today.