You probably have an established health routine for your dog; you check his paws after a walk, brush him regularly and take care of his teeth with delicious treats. But are you checking his ears regularly?

In Summer months, wax can easily build up in a dogs ear due to the warm weather and water play. Regular checks can help spot early signs of ear conditions which can be irritating and painful for your four-legged friend. You should always contact your Vet if you notice redness, odour or discharge from your dog’s ear, or if they seem to be in particular discomfort.

One of the most common ear conditions we see in dogs is ear mites. Luckily, we have identified some common symptoms and a simple treatment for your furry friend.

The Problem: Ear mites
Ear mites (or ‘Otodectes cynotis mites’) are a common and relatively mild parasite infection. However, left untreated, ear mites can cause more serious ear problems.

Some breeds are more prone to ear mites, especially those with droopy ears with long ears canals.

Ear mites multiply if long ear hair (both inside the ear and on the ear flaps) that causes a lack of ventilation, as well as wax build up. And if your dog enjoys a cool swim in the warm weather, then moisture can also attract mites.

Early signs of ear mites include:

  • Scratching of ears, head or neck or even paws
  • Holding their head to one side
  • Frequent shaking of their head
  • Thick red-brown or black crusts in the outer ear
  • Coffee ground like bumps in the ear canal
  • Abrasions and scratches on the back side of the ears
  • Crusting and scale on the neck, rump and tail

The Solution
THORNIT is an awesome product that is easy and safe to use in dissolving ear wax and treating mites, all over the body. THORNIT is a powder that you simply apply to the outer ear (avoiding the entrance of the ear canal) and massage from the outside.. As the ear wax dissolves, the ear mites die, and your canine’s ear will be healthy and clean. To treat mites on other parts of the body, simply shake powder onto the affected area. Your dog will experience relief after the first dose, but you should continue treatment for up to 5 days, using the powder twice a day

As THORNIT does not contain antibiotics, it is safe to apply at home and can be used in your weekly health routine to keep ear wax at bay.

Yes- this small bottle packs a punch.

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Below is a testimonial from another happy Thornit user!

I’ve had an awful issue with one of my dogs paws. Pads were like mauve sponges & blister type things between a couple of toes (had those before & Betadine ointment cleared them up but not this time). Tried MANY things over the past few weeks & thought I’d give Thornit a go. OMG after just one application, I  noticed a huge improvement!
Thank you- Deb H