Rain, wind and darker days. Yes, Winter is most definitely here. Just like humans, the poor weather can affect a dog’s mood, so it’s a good idea to have some indoor activities up your sleeve for those rainy days and nights. You never know, playtime with your puppy might brighten your Winter blues too!

  1.  Play a game indoors

Games stimulate a dog’s mind and body, and are a great way to tire your dog out whilst having some fun. Try tug of war with a rope, which can be played even in the smallest of spaces. Another simple game is hide and seek where you can either hide food treats or your dog’s favourite toys. Both ways help tire your dog out mentally, and can help reinforce simple commands like “wait” or “come”. 

  1. Create an indoor agility course

Give your dog a workout and have some fun by creating an agility course for your four-legged friend. Move some chairs, use cushions and other furniture to build an obstacle course, and hide small treats to entice your dog to explore your maze masterpiece!

  1. Exercise his mind

Just as effective as physical stimulation is mental exercise. Spend time indoors and practice commands with small (and healthy) treats to reinforce positive behaviour, or teach your pooch new tricks like spinning or hugging. Puzzle games are also a fantastic way to test your dog’s cognitive abilities, and can slow down a speedy eater! (you can actually use puzzle games and Kong style treat dispensers to provide a full, dry meal of kibble at feed time and it’s a great idea!) 

  1. Put on a coat, and go outside (fresh air is good for all of us!)

Whilst Adelaide’s Winter can be cold and wet, there are often breaks in the rain, so chuck on you coat and gumboots and take a stroll with your dog. Take your normal route or explore different streets and your dog will enjoy a variety of sensory stimulus. But there are benefits for you too; the fresh air can help relax your mind, clear your lungs and improve your blood pressure and heart rate.

  1. Daycare!

For those days (or weeks) when you simply don’t have the time to tire your dog out, consider the benefits of doggy daycare! Our indoor, purpose built play area means that your canine companion can spend their day playing with their four-legged friends, all under the watchful eyes of our trained carers. Pick your dog up at the end of the day, dry, tired and happy! To read more about the benefits of the daycare, click here!

Remember that Winter doesn’t have to be gloomy- with a little imagination your dog can stay fit and content through the colder months. And don’t forget that nothing warms you up like some snuggles with your best fur friend!

Stay warm!