Most dog owners are vigilant with grooming their dogs in the summer months, however we see that even the most attentive owners are less vigilant with grooming in the cooler months. There is a common misconception that dogs need to be groomed less in cooler weather as they need their coats to keep them warm.

In lots of ways, grooming in the Winter months is even more important, because long and wet hair can become matted very easily. Coats that are matted do not insulate and regulate body temperature to provide warmth. Dirty fur can harbour infection and cause discomfort and irritation. And did you know that the dry heat from a fireplace or reverse cycle heating, can aggravate a dog’s skin, just like human skin it can become dry over the Winter months.

We know that the double coats of some breeds naturally thicken up in the cooler months, like German Shepherds and Samoyeds. Other breeds can have sensitive skin, like Dalmatians, Boxers, Poodles and Staffys.

With so many different requirements, we have put together a list of 4 top tips to keep your dog’s coat healthy in the cooler months.

  1. Regular grooming appointments– keep up with your regular grooming appointments (every 6 weeks or so). Your dog’s full body (including face, ears, feet and bottom) should be washed, dried and brushed thoroughly, and their nails should be clipped as regularly as in summer months. Professional grooming is especially important if your dog suffers from dry or sensitive skin; some shampoos can be drying, so be sure to let us know if your dog has any special skin needs.
  2. After a play outside on a Winter’s day, be sure to dry the coat thoroughly with a towel. Relying on your reverse cycle AC won’t always have the same effect, as your dog’s skin can become dry and itchy when wet fur is combined with the excessively dry air created from indoor heating appliances.
  3. Brush and comb your dog’s coat regularly. This simple action will help to reduce the occurrence of matting and knotting, it stimulates blood circulation which helps the coat to shine and is also a great way to connect with your dog!
  4. Buy a coat– if you are worried about your dog staying warm, especially in the early morning wee hours, deck them out in a cosy coat that is stylish and practical. We stock a range of comfortable ‘Hamish Mcbeth’ coats in most sizes in our reception.

Don’t forget your that dog is just as susceptible to chills as you are in Winter. Keep them clean, dry and warm, and if you’re in doubt about what the best grooming schedule is for your dog, just contact us, we’d love to help!